Tube Machininig

Tube machining up to diameter 32 mm right, left and variable.

Wire Processing

Wire processing up to diameter 13 mm

Robot welding

Robot welding. Application range up to 2,000 mm.

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Other Services

We provide our customers with a comprehensive service package


Upon request we can offer our clients, upon request, a final product treatment service that range from chrome plating to painting.


Our qualified staff can efficiently check and package the products. Our spacious and organised warehouse can accommodate semi-finished and finished products complete with protections waiting to reach the final customers.

  • CNC tube bending (Right, Left and variable radius)
  • CNC wire machining
  • Punching
  • CNC tube cutting
  • Robotised MIG welding
  • Brazing
  • TIG welding
  • Assembly of complementary components
  • Quality control of treated surfaces
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Versand

We are always ready to welcome any new request, deal with it as best we can and resolve it quickly.